Dem Rep: ‘Tea Party People’ Want To Bring Back Segregation, Get Rid Of Women’s Rights

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Civility reigns nowhere in the Democratic Playbook. Say anything you want with zero repercussions from any direction.  Have the media stand there in willing silence.  The latest defamation of your average American comes from yet another Democrat Congressman. Daily Caller: Democratic Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver said during a Democratic town hall this weekend that he would defend against “Tea Party …

Obama policies did create jobs

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But, we Americans are too stooopid to understand these really really advanced policies.  In a recent presser, State Department spokes-babe Marie Harf layed out this one… Via Mediaite: “We cannot kill our way out of this war,” State Department spokesperson Marie Harf told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews “We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes …


Tucson City Council responsible for Staples leaving

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Tucson’s retail world was rocked recently with the announcement of office-supply giant Staples closing their three stores and pulling completely out of the Tucson market.  Shoppers scratch their head and wonder why. There are undoubtedly numerous reasons as to why such a decision is made, and I am not saying that the Tucson City Clowncil bears the total weight of …


Somebody slipped John Boehner some acid

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Boehner: ‘I Was the Tea Party Before There Was a Tea Party’ Apparently John forgot that the Tea Party was STARTED because of fools like him. Mediaite: House Speaker John Boehner isn’t terribly beloved by conservatives and more tea party-types these days, but he still has to work with a lot of them in Congress to get things done. Fox …

More of the same

McSally’s Screwing of America Part II

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Martha McSally – Just another RINO putting illegals ahead of Americans Following in the footsteps  of Gabby, Rob Barber, McCain and Flake[y], newly-elected con-gal Martha McSally voted to keep the monies flowing to illegals coming to America.   Breitbart:  A whopping 26 Republicans joined the Democrats in Congress to vote against an amendment to the DHS funding bill sponsored by Rep. …


McSally’s First Screwing of the American People

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McSally’s first vote goes to Boehner Well that didn’t take long…. In her first official act as Arizona’s newest representative, Martha McSally joined the majority of the Arizona Congressional delegation and voted for John Boehner to keep his spot as Speaker of the House. Only Representative Paul Gosar stood up against the Party’s establishment. Boehner won with 216 votes with …

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John McCain voted to fund Obama’s everything

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John McCain sticks to the American voter…..again. In our last election, We the People spoke out with a resounding STOP!  Yet our long-standing moderates led by John “Build the dang fence” McCain, continue with “business-as-usual” voting.  Fund everything, make sure they’re paying more attention [and money] on illegal aliens [who will vote for them no matter what]and totally ignore the …